4 x 16el. LFA for 144 MHz

4 x 16el. LFA for 144 MHz

After several months of preparation and work on the new 144MHz system, today we have successfully installed it on a new 24m high tower.

The first opportunity to test the system will be the 2nd subregional VHF contest 2-3.5.2020. Thanks to everyone who helped make this project a reality: 9A4BB, 9A4EK, 9A5M, 9A4TM, Kristijan, Mario, Damir, Peter, Daniel, Ivan, Dorian, etc.

Here is video and a few pictures from todays installation: https://www.facebook.com/114935210063449/videos/866255063853300/

73 de Zeljko, 9A5R

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